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2016 United Campus Workers Legislative Priorities, 109th General Assembly

TypeH Bill NumberSponsorH StatusS Bill NumberSponsorS StatusSummaryLast Day Checked
Diversity2066DanielEducation Administration & Planning Subcommittee1902NicelySen Ed CommUniversity of Tennessee - As introduced, limits spending by the University of Tennessee on diversity, multicultural, or sustainability programs to $2,500,000 per year; requires an annual written report to the general assembly on such expenditures; prohibits employees working in diversity offices from engaging in certain activities; prohibits employees working primarily in other areas from working on diversity, multicultural, and sustainability programs. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 9.4-Feb
Diversity2063DanielEducation Administration & Planning Subcommittee2235HensleySen Ed CommEducation, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act"; requires the governing boards of each state institution to adopt the freedom of speech and expression policy to protect student speech and activity. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 7, Part 1.4-Feb
Tuition2069DanielEducation Administration & Planning Subcommittee2306GreshamSenate Education Committee; On calendar for 2/10/2016Education, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Tuition Stability Act." - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 7; Title 49, Chapter 8 and Title 49, Chapter 9.4-Feb
Governance2573McCormickEducation Administration & Planning Subcommittee2564NorrisSenate Education CommitteeEducation, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Higher Education Authorization Act." - Amends TCA Title 49.4-Feb
Governance2578McCormickEducation Administration & Planning Subcommittee2569NorrisSenate Govt Operations CommitteeFOCUS Act Education, Higher - As introduced, restructures the board of regents; establishes state university boards; and makes other changes necessary to effectuate the restructuring. - Amends TCA Section 12-3-102; Title 49, Chapter 7; Title 49, Chapter 8 and Title 49, Chapter 9.4-Feb
Workers Comp997DurhamConsumer and Human Resources Subcommittee; On calendar for 2/10/2016721GreenAssigned to General Subcommittee of Senate Finance, Ways & Means Committee 10/26/2015Workers Compensation - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Employee Injury Benefit Alternative." - Amends TCA Title 50 and Title 56.4-Feb
Vouchers1049DunnH. Placed on Regular Calendar for 2/8/2016999GardenhirePassed SenateSchool Vouchers - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act." - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 1.4-Feb
Governance2559JenkinsAssigned to s/c Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee2516GreshamPassed on Second Consideration, refer to Senate Education CommitteeUniversity of Tennessee - As introduced, reconstitutes the board of trustees of the University of Tennessee system. - Amends TCA Section 49-9-201; Section 49-9-202; Section 49-9-203; Section 49-9-204; Section 49-9-205 and Section 49-9-206. 
Antiworker2348CalfeeConsumer and Human Resources Subcommittee2338McNallySenate Commerce and Labor CommitteeEmployees, Employers - As introduced, allows all employees, not just employees who are employed in the service of food and beverages, to waive the required thirty-minute unpaid lunch break. - Amends TCA Title 50, Chapter 2.4-Feb
Anti Immigrant1637JohnsonState Government Subcommitte1486GreenSenate Commerce and Labor Committee. On calendar for 2/9/2016Immigration - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Workers Protection Act." - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 7; Title 12 and Title 50.4-Feb
Picketing1838DurhamConsumer and Human Resources Subcommittee1691BellSenate Commerce and Labor CommitteeEmployees, Employers - As introduced, establishes certain civil remedies for an employer against any employee who exceeds the employee's authority to enter nonpublic areas of the employer's premises. - Amends TCA Title 50.4-Feb
Preemption1632CasadaLocal Government Subcommittee1636HaileSenate State and Local Government CommitteeReal Property - As introduced, prohibits a local governmental unit from enacting zoning regulations that require the allocation of a percentage of existing or newly constructed private residential or commercial rental units for long-term retention as affordable or workforce housing. - Amends TCA Title 66, Chapter 35.4-Feb
Preemption1674Marsh Business and Utilities Committee. On calendar for 2/10/20161621JohnsonSenate Regular Calendar calendar for 2/8/2016Public Contracts - As introduced, prohibits the state or any local government from requiring a company bidding on a state or local construction project to employ individuals who reside within the jurisdiction of the state or local government. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 8; Title 9; Title 12 and Title 62.4-Feb